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AVALON SECURITY IS A GLOBAL SECURITY CONSULTING FIRM on a mission to elevate the way it meets the ever-evolving and changing safety issues facing its clients. Whether it’s for an individual, a business or another type of organization Avalon professionals are ready to help you assess your needs, institute proven protocol and procedures, and work with your budget to satisfy your expectations.

Founded by, Daniel J. Seman, a former police officer, more than 30 years ago, Avalon Security is thriving because our clients know they can expect our very best, every time, no exceptions. CONFIDENTIAL, DISCREET & PRIVATE SERVICES AROUND THE CLOCK & AROUND THE WORLD 365 days a year.

We start by hiring the right people – many former military, first responder, and law enforcement - and then providing the specialized training we developed that has made us the “Go To” firm for problem solving.

Seman recognized there were ever-increasing gaps in many of the traditional public services so many people depend on. Years of across the board budget cuts have left some public services barely able to meet minimum expectations. He built his business on providing custom tailored services to fill those gaps.




At Avalon Security we offer full-service close-protection consulting programs. Our highly trained professional staff has the experience & worldwide resources and expertise to assist you in hiring, training and testing the effectiveness of your close protection services.

 At Avalon Security, our highly-trained staff has the experience and expertise to assess the many ways an individual becomes vulnerable to threats and danger. This may include organizing travel itineraries, establishing safe contacts, providing medical transports and connecting with trusted safety & security details. We also can help you locate protection for one-time events, such as: speaking engagements, personal appearances and any other situation where some level of protection is warranted.

 When you, your family or your business find yourselves in extraordinary situations, you need to have trust and confidence in the people you choose to help you. Avalon Security’s discretion and strict confidentiality are paramount in this type of circumstance as is the knowledge, experience and proven results of a seasoned professional, and with Avalon Security we guarantee that.


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